The Best Waist Trainer Corset 2017

Waist training is the bold new statement of the year saying “I can reshape my body instantly.” And these little body shapers have proven their ability to do so, time and time again. The benefits of waist training go beyond the immediate results right into areas such as better posture, back support, confidence boosts and for many, a complete lifestyle change.

There are many different approaches to waist training, so when you are ready to begin your own unique journey, find a beginning level you are comfortable with. Going ‘full corset’ is not recommended for beginners, but waist-trainers’ have excited women enough to continue up the ladder to wearing full on corsets.

Are you ready to try a bold new way to a lifestyle change? Waist training will not only show immediate results, but it also has a way of propelling your confidence to a lifestyle change. Women get so inspired by how they look in the mirror wearing a waist trainer; they get that added boost needed to recreate their whole self image with healthier eating habits and getting more exercise.

How to Begin Waist Training

Coco Lili is one of the foremost advocates of waist training on You Tube. If at any time you need help with the waist training process, take advantages of watching her waist training videos.

As many women continue on their love affair with the waist trainer, embracing the results, only one question remains…are you ready to begin?

Step 1

The first step is to determine if waist training is for you. Waist training requires diligence and patience. Also realize everybody is different and has different needs for their bodies. The most important rule of waist training is ‘to listen to what your body is telling you’. Factors like pinching the skin, unable to breathe, or discomfort beyond normal range, you will have to adjust your waist training back to the correct manner.

Waist trainers are easy to use, and relatively inexpensive. They actually do what they purport to do. The whole concept is to achieve an hourglass waist instantly. Women have been wearing shapewear for years, back in the days of Playtex girdles and in the era of corsets. This is the modern, safe way to gain your figure back, give you curves again, and offer you back support.

Step 2

The second step is finding a great waist trainer product. And no, don’t compromise on less constructed or shoddy craftsmanship. And, don’t think ‘it is expensive, so it is the best one’. The way to a great, comfortable waist trainer is to know exactly what to look for when buying one.

What to look for in a great waist trainer:

  • Adjustable 3 hook-and-eye closure
  • Strong boning, beginners choose firm plastic, advanced choose steel boning
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Latex or combination latex with cotton material

As you shop, you will notice every waist trainer is different. There is a huge variety in fabrics and construction. You will need the adjustable 3 hook-and-eye closure for the thinning process. You will also notice some waist trainers come with steel boning, which is similar to the boning of a true corset. This is for durability and support. If you have trouble with your posture, or could use some added aid with core strength and back, waist trainers are of great help.

Step 4

The third step is to begin the training. Make certain your new waist trainer will pull your waist in on the 3rd hook enclosure. The structure of the waist trainer should fit so it does not roll over the waist; if it does, your waist trainer is too small. Another sign of it being too small is if it doesn’t close properly without bulging.

Try wearing the waist trainer for only a couple hours the first couple days so you can get used to what to expect, and make any necessary adjustments. If it is interfering with your breathing or the onset of pain occurs, the waist trainer is too tight.

As you break it in and become friends with your new waist trainer, you will be able to wear it casually for long periods of time. Many women wear theirs to the gym to create more sweat with the latex thermal activity which occurs. You can decide what is best for you; this is the beauty of a waist trainer. The flexibility is offered, but also you have to realize results are dependent on your dedication and commitment. Which leads to the last phase of waist training.

Step 4

The final step involves mindset. While waist trainers do work immediately, if you stop the process, within a few months your body will return back to the way it was. There is a way to combat this and win. With the new found confidence, you can choose to live differently.

Wearing a waist cincher is going to make you feel full faster. So why not take advantage of this opportunity to eat differently. If weight loss is a concern, make better decisions when meal time arrives. Even the smallest changes add up. Use your confidence to head out the door for more exercise, new hobbies and charge into the world, physically challenging yourself with coming out of that comfort zone. Push away from the computer and cell phone and let the waist cincher remind you that you are on a mission.

Another way to speed up waist slimming is through perspiration caused by thermal activation from the waist trainer. This is why it is important to seek out a waist trainer which features a latex core.

Jessica Rae is another popular waist trainer enthusiast on You Tube who embarked on a four week journey via video and offers healthy tips about waist training.

The benefits of waist training

Much of the benefits have been mentioned here already, but it is good to be reminded about the positive results waist trainers bring. The biggest benefit? You are going to feel transformed. This is the stronghold waist trainers have on women, because women want to look good and feel great. Waist training is an authentic, beneficial aid to shaping the curves.

The instant results are at least a 2 size reduction in your waist. From there, you can expect to walk with better posture, burn belly fat, feel sexier and more confident. If you are postpartum, this is an excellent way to reshape the leftover bulge from baby. Some women love the results so much, they opt to go to full corseting.

Waist training corsets, waist trainers or waist training belts

There are a few variations on waist trainers you will notice as soon as you start researching for your new waist trainer. There are specifically three: waist training corsets, waist trainers, and waist training belts. Corsets are the extreme way to thin a waist. They have more steel boning, lace in back for intense tightening and can cause improper constriction if not worn correctly.

Waist trainers are a light version, offer similar results with more flexibility and comfort. Waist training belts, on the other hand, are meant to use primarily during exercise and workouts. True belts were created to provide the necessary lumbar support needed, especially in weight training. Somehow, these became associated with actual waist trainers as a way to instantly get the hourglass figure. They are not the same product, but actively provide a couple similar benefits.

Secrets of the Stars

Everybody pretty much knows by now, it was celebrities, particularly Kim Kardashian, who first brought attention to waist training. It was difficult not to take a second look, and wonder about this modern hourglass shaping aid. She quickly became more of an enigma, with every woman wanting to know more about this little bodice. Now Khloe and younger sister, Kylie all advocate the great benefits of waist training.

Before and after waist training photos

The internet is filling up with before and after waist training photos. Waist training is not only for celebrity shots, but women everywhere are so pleased with the results, it is only inevitable they would want to share the visual changes.

While waist training will not promise a quick weight loss solution, it does encourage more self-awareness in eating behaviors as well as exercise routines. You can get the best you simply by reshaping your waist. These kinds of curves are absolutely possible with discipline, a good attitude, and determination.

It is easy, very easy to show an hourglass body with the addition of a waist cincher or corset. The true hourglass body is decided by this garment, and exercise. Get on those squats if you wish to keep your body solid in curves.

Everybody is different and has different needs for their bodies; always listen to what your body is telling you. Your own personal success is dependent on you and not other people’s good luck stories.

A waist trainer will aid you in calorie reduction due to the ‘full feeling’ from compression. You can also amp up your workout results by wearing the waist trainer during your exercise routines.

Here is the pro’s tip: Toning your butt is the big secret behind waist training women with fabulous figures. Notice the butt and leg tone on before and after pictures. This is a true hourglass body. After wearing the trainer, you will notice your butt and legs and see them in a whole new way. Whether you push the squats and planks, or add on other fabulous shapewear items such as a butt lifter, you are going to take it to the next level. Owning a waist cincher opens the door to all the marvelous other shapewear you could have to make your body even smoother, more cut, and sexier.

The best waist trainer of 2016 *Reviews*

There are some truly nice waist trainers available on the market. Last year saw Ann Chery on top with a solid line of shapewear products. The best product in this garment line was the Ann Chery Women's 3 Hooks Latex Sport Vest which maximized the use of the waist trainer with extra bust support. While Ann Chery still is a great choice for a waist trainer, this year brought better contenders with more eyes for detail and quality.

One of the best waist trainers of 2016 is HrGlass Training Waist Trainer Corset. The biggest draw for this waist trainer is women love the way it fits. The latex trainer provides excellent core and back support, so many postpartum women rave about the needed extra support. The quality is superior, making it a keeper simply for the long-lasting durability. It has the required construction needed for a perfect waist trainer. You can wear this one casually all day or to the gym for hard workouts, it will hold up.

Another good product is Squeem Firm Compression Waist Trainer. Squeem delivers a wide selection of shapewear targeting different areas on a woman’s body. The product line uses an innovative Intelligent Fabric technology. The company was in demand last year and continues to provide perfect waist training garments for all body types.

Waist training is your incentive to get excited about exercise and diet; it is a way to look fabulous instantly. It is a confidence booster when you look at the reflection in the mirror and see a thinner, curvier body. While many may think the notion of an immediate two size loss is unrealistic, the fact remains waist trainers’ work. You will notice the size difference. Your clothes will hug your body in a sexy way.

If you are pondering the idea, the best advice is to try it out and see if it is for you. Better, take before and after pictures and study the difference. Thousands of women cannot be wrong. Waist training can be a spring board to action in your life. As long as you engage in the waist training program with healthy behaviors and a good attitude, you will see results

At any time you feel pain or other problems emerge, discontinue waist training—but stick to the healthy regimen of eating correctly and exercising regularly.

Good luck, and enjoy the journey. You got this